DE Mission


Destination Education believes in the power of Collective Efforts - organizations working together toward a common goal and shared vision to make large scale change, rather than doing the work alone.  DE works to facilitate the collective work of various organizations joining together around one common outcome, based on data, in order to improve it.

DE focuses specifically on prevalent gaps in the educational pipeline to drive dramatic improvement in student achievement from cradle to college and career in the greater Holland, Zeeland, Hamilton, Saugatuck area.  

The Four Pillars of Collective Impact                                                                                                           1.  Shared Community Vision - All participants have a shared vision for change, as well as a common understanding of the problem and how they will work collectively to solve it.                                            

2.  Evidence Based Decision Making - Partnerships make decisions based on local data that shows areas of need and promising practices that are already working for kids.

3. Collective Effort - Community members come together to use data to move outcomes                          

4. Investment and Sustainability - Partnerships initiate or redirect resources toward data-based practices on an ongoing basis, and engages the community to ensure long-term sustainability.

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